anna, 22, germany. I have a weakness for cookies, flowers, the smell of grass and wasting my life wondering about little things and grander schemes. this is where all of this comes together. bear with me, I complain a lot and have urges to be funny sometimes.

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lavender (by Kirstin Mckee)

it’s a s h a m e i never got it.


You are, you are,
The only thing that makes me feel like,
I can live forever, forever.
with you, my love.


 Sarita Lolita

the rightful captain of the jolly roger

And now I’m going places on my own

Never confuse a single failure for a final defeat.
—F. Scott Fitzgerald  (via catelynstarks)

This morning, I decided that I finally want to learn how to make gifs, so whenever my baby brother wasn’t getting on my nerves, I gave it a try. These are the results - I haven’t figured out how to shapen them yet, and they’re so grainy and blah-looking, but I’m a little proud of myself.

These two idiots were perfect for practising, and I have tons of ideas for gif sets, if only I could make them look pretty…